$95.08per month

Up to 20Mbps with nitroboost*

Small to medium offices with remote workers and normal hosting needs.

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$195.08per month

Up to 30Mbps with nitroboost*

Small to medium compainies with remote offices and workers with normal hosting needs

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$345.08per month

Up to 50Mbps with nitroboost*

Medium to large companies with remote offices and workers with advanced hosting needs.

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We know your business is important to you, and it is to us too. That is why we monitor your connection 24/7/365 and contact you if there is any trouble with your service. We do not wait for you to call us.

For your peace of mind our automated monitoring system can be configured to send a text message to your cell phone in the event your service goes down at no additional charge per month. If there is trouble with your service we will dispatch a service technician to your location, usually within 1 hour.

We can also provide custom internet packages and private point to point VPN connections between multiple physical locations within our service area up to 100Mpbs.

Netlinx has been providing reliable high performance internet services for small to large businesses in this area for over ten years. Many of our largest customers chose us for our upload speeds, which are unmatched by Cable or DSL service providers. Our higher upload speeds help remote offices and employees who remotely access your business network to work faster and more efficiently. DSL service upload speeds are normally between 256 and 768 Kbps, and cable modems uplink speeds are around 3 to 5 Mbps. Compare that to our 30Mbps with nitroboost*.

We do not offer you things you do not need like basic cable for your break room. In this area you can get more FREE HD TV service with and over to air antenna. We do not try to sell you on voice services you may not want, but we will help you find a VOIP provider that offers you what you need to reduce long distance fees upon request.

Netlinx business class customers enjoy the personal level of service and support only we provide, where you can reach the same technicians that install and maintain your services 24/7/365. No more call centers and hours spent on hold. We know you by name!